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I respect
Am honored to inform all of my professors, engineers, students, and all companies and scientific and research centers related to Mechanical Engineering and manufacturing industries, especially in building facilities that get the information website for the first time in Iran published on its course of I know that has just started working a very large without help and guidance and assistance venerable masters and teachers will not honorable way instead.
Information in this database software-related issues such as different systems in the industry; familiar with the various factories and production facilities, Iranian National Building Regulations and Standards Management and Planning Organization and the new addition to their news and information facilities of the building industry will.
At the end of all the beloved ones willing and able to cooperate with this site are information I requested that the contents and their views and comments Email ali8000@gmail.com page or
contact usfor site management and also send companies and scientific and academic centers wishing to link to this Web Site and or profile of their products through this website available to the Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering will wish to apply should contact us.
I hope that your efforts and assistance of our dear friends who started to work well to eventually reach.


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